• Ebbe Bassey is a wonderfully diverse actor with a confident quiet delivery. It is an absolute joy to work with her, she brings not only personality but passion and professionalism that only accentuates her talent - Ralph Scott, Executive Producer, Writer and Creator of BET's Len's on Talent, director of Barbasol
  • Ebbe Bassey is a phenomenal actress. She is every director's dream - Leila Djansi, director Ties that Bind
  • Ebbe is a massive talent that makes any director's vision easily achieved. She's a delight to work with and brings to life that which was imagined but words couldn't translate to script. - Niyi Towolawi, director Turning Point
  • Ebbe is an endlessly professional actress. I was struck by her undeniable ability to quickly immerse herself in her characters and her performance. She is a fluid and malleable actress who absorbs direction like a sponge. Additionally, her ability to authentically portray characters of different ethnicities: Caribbean, West African and American, is unrivaled. - Nikyatu Jusu, director Say Grace before Drowning
  • Ties that Bind is emotionally captivating. Actress Ebbe Bassey's emotional performance cannot be missed and I am sure it will spring a surprise flow of emotions within most viewers and move some to tears. - Ghana Life Style
  • 6. Ties that Bind focuses on urging women to be courageous. The technical productivity of the film was just impeccable, the cast presence and delivery was just awesome but Ebbe Bassey was the one who gets a thumbs up for her delivery. - News1Ghana